moving image, experiential design & some other stuff...


I am a digital artist working primarily with projected forms of graphic moving image for use in theatre and product display.

This site brings together some of my commercial projects, along with a smattering of my favourite visual experiments. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss anything you see here. I'm really quite friendly....



If you have any questions regarding the work presented here, or have a project you would like to discuss, I am always happy to hear from you.

The easiest thing is to email me at


You should also check out my other site that offers a glimpse into my more commercial based projects (including my graphic and exhibition design). You'll see a few familiar things, but put into a much broader context...


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After studying Sculpture at the Camberwell College of Arts, I began to provide soundscapes and sound design for choreographers and theatre directors based in London: with performances at UK venues, including the Battersea Arts Centre, the Laban Centre and The Place.

I fell into employment as a commercial artist for Mambo International, creating branding for their stores and exhibition stands in the UK and Europe. In 2004 I founded Turner & Symonds Ltd as an outsourcing design facility or Credit Suisse. Over the years this morphed into a small creative firm producing graphic and exhibition design for clients including Forester, Tate and Lyle, Tommy Hilfiger and J C Atkinson.

Having decided that I wanted to create a more unified creative practice, I completed a Masters Degree in Graphic Moving Image at the London College of Communication.

Since then I have been focusing on graphic moving image in performance and exhibition environments, working with the East Sussex School of Performing Arts, Ahh.... Arts Igniting Minds, J C Atkinson and the Co-Operative Group.